Welcome to My World

Welcome to My World


Oakland: my city, my heart, my soul, the place I call home.

Where do I begin? Oakland is a city with its own unique identity and culture, quickly changing while at the same time trying to stay true to its roots

I found myself in a similar situation, as my twenties come to a close, and I venture into adulthood. I mean let’s face it, how many of us can say we truly know who were are in our twenties? Most of us are still shaping the thoughts, ideas, and action that will define us as adults.

Yes, the city of Oakland has been around a lot longer than my short time here on this earth. It was given to a whole new generation; some nostalgic for the past glory that we knew growing up, and some are trying to carve a new path. With the push and pull of the old vs. the new, I have seen a lot of my friends and family be forced out of this city we love.

My goal is to give you all a small glimpse of what I think makes this city so great. Don’t get me wrong; change is a good thing, we all know that. The question is, how do we embrace growth while staying true to what make us unique?

This is a question I have not only of my city but myself as well. As my city and the world for that matter change around me at such a rapid pace, how do I keep up without losing all that has made me, well to be frank me?

I am ready to discover all the answers to my questions, as time stops for no man (well woman in my case). Adventure awaits! So let’s take this bull by the horns and enjoy the ride.




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